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How To Get Ahead in the Music Industry

Be Professional :

Sounds obvious, right? But this rule is at the top of the list for good reason. You may be getting involved in the music business because you love music, but a lot of people flock to the business because they think it's just a non stop party. While there are certainly plenty of opportunities to have fun when you're working in music, but the key word here is WORKING. Getting to the good stuff requires hard work and commitment. When you have a job to do, show up on time, and do it. Show people that you can be counted on to work hard and you know the difference between work and play, and you'll find doors swinging open. Read More...

About Producer Jamel

Producer Jamel is a Studio manager, producer, studio guitarist, and audio mastering enginner and lives in the studio. That's his home from home. As a graduate of M.I.T. "Musicans Institute of Technology" in Hollywood CA. Jamel got to know some some pretty sicc rappers and  credits to name a few. O.N.S.,Culjah Dreams, Black Stallions, Crisis, Christian Brothers, and many other artists. Jamel works day and night with artist's and producers. He has worked as a artist/producer and credited with Multi-Platium James Gadson, Maurice Starr, Leonard Smith & Patrick Duffin. Their the producers who made real history Jamel say's. Well theres alot of years of studio work behind Jamel, nothing happened over night. He had to earn this credit and was tested of his skills everyday. And now, loudrapbeats is here and a #1 spot for affordable beats. The place for artists to get the right beats at the lowest prices.



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